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Look up the word “sell” in the dictionary and what you’ll find isn’t pretty.

Consider these definitions of selling from Merriam-Webster:

  • “to deliver or give up in violation of duty, trust, or loyalty and especially for personal gain : betray—often used with out
  • “to dispose of or manage for profit instead of in accordance with conscience, justice, or duty”
  • “to impose on : cheat”

It’s no wonder that buyers and sellers alike struggle with selling and being sold to.

Seize the opportunity to stand out in the crowd

The upside (and there is one): negative sales stereotypes make for a great backdrop. They offer a ready-made opportunity to stand out in the crowd.

How? Make a personal commitment to the single most important factor of selling. Is that your pipeline? No. Your sales methodology? Nope. Your CRM system? Not that, either.

Sales mastery begins with working on your mindset

We believe the most important variable in achieving extraordinary sales results is your mindset: simply put, how you think about selling.

That’s because your mindset sets off a chain reaction of corresponding feelings and actions. And actions lead to results.

Working your mindset begins with acknowledging the stereotypes that everyone holds about what sales is about (including you) and then going a step further by kicking conventional wisdom about how to sell to the curb:

traditional sales trust-based SELLING
“Always be closing.” Stop selling; start helping.
“Maintain control at all times.” Control is an illusion; the best moments are usually improvised.
“Don’t show your cards.” You get what you give.
“Never let them see you sweat.” Be human. Please.
“Fake it ‘til you make it.” Keep it real.

Simple, not easy.

Become a role model for relationships done right

When you make a commitment to be a role model for relationships done right, rather than a “salesperson,” you reap big rewards.

You can expect to:

  • Engender client loyalty
  • Expand your work in existing accounts (by far the easiest and cheapest way to develop business)
  • Have greater influence, and more opportunity to truly make a difference
  • Enjoy the sales process more

Take an unconventional approach for unconventional results

Find out more about our unconventional approach to sales training.

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