The Get Real Manifesto


We believe in taking a bold stand. So here it is.

When it comes to client relationships, we think conventional wisdom is seriously overrated. At its best, it’s ordinary. At its worst, it’s short-sighted, misleading, and wimpy.

That’s why The Get Real Project is on a mission to kick conventional business wisdom to the curb and transform how people work together as a result.

We think getting unconventional gets results. That’s our bottom line.

The Get Real Manifesto

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You’ve heard We believe
“Knowledge is power.” Curiosity is king.
“Always be closing.” Stop selling; start helping.
“It’s not personal, it’s business.” Business is personal.
“It’s important to be taken seriously.” Humor and levity do more than break the ice.
“Trust is built one step at a time.” Trust is non-linear and paradoxical; embrace the opportunity.
The more compelling your case, the more influential you’ll be.” Be quiet and listen if you want to be heard.
“Avoid mistakes at all costs.” Mistakes are inevitable; how you handle them reveals your true character.
“Vulnerability is weakness.” Being vulnerable takes chutzpah.
“Empathy is soft.” The soft stuff is the hard stuff—master it.
“Maintain control at all times.” Control is an illusion; the best moments are usually improvised.
“Mitigate risks.” No risk, no trust, no doubt about it.
“Don’t venture into territory that’s too uncomfortable.” It’s your job to get comfortable being uncomfortable.
“Don’t show your cards.” You get what you give.
“Never let them see you sweat.” Be human. Please.
“If only our clients would change…” Change begins at home. Work on yourself first.
“Sometimes you have to be who they want you to be.” If you can’t be yourself, change jobs. Or hire a therapist. Or both.
“Fake it ‘til you make it.” Keep it real.

Imagine what would be possible if business professionals around the world demonstrated the everyday behaviors that we believe in.

Aspirational? Yes. Challenging? Without a doubt. Worthwhile? We think so.

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