Signature Programs

“What exactly do you do?”

So, is The Get Real Project a training provider or a consultancy focused on culture change? Our work actually lies somewhere in between. We deliver learning programs that don’t just boost skills but change mindsets, and that creates a ripple effect.

“Our culture is changing. Graduates are consistently winning more work and leading projects more effectively. We’ve witnessed big improvements in cross-selling”

—Cathy Flores, Head of Talent Development, Ramboll Americas

Five fundamental design principles

There are five things you can count on us to focus on with every program we design and lead:

  1. Get results, not just insights, from working real client situations in real time.
  2. Build confidence, courage, and resilience for business leaders at any level through an emphasis on personal mastery.
  3. Increase effectiveness in a wide range of client situations—networking, new client meetings, cross-selling, project execution, and more—by applying trust-based mindsets and skill sets.
  4. Improve retention with a variety of accountability structures, like action teams and coaching, along with a design that spaces events over time.
  5. “Accordion” and tailor the overall design to create a custom program that fits your culture, participants, and budget.

Consider an immersion workshop when you want to steep people in new ways of thinking and being, or advanced-level trust-building practices, but you don’t have weeks or months to do it.

Consider a mastery program when you have a strategic imperative to build more client business and you’re clear that extraordinary relationships will make the difference