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I once wrote a blog about how to be self-deprecating horn-tooter.

(You can find it here.)

I guess it’s time to heed my own advice (the horn-tooting part) and share what clients say about my work.

I won’t pretend all the nice things don’t feel really good, because they do. More than anything, I believe it’s confirmation that the work I do is the work I was meant to do.

As a speaker

“Andrea is ‘real’ – approachable, smart, articulate, talks to us like it’s a one on one presentation”Participant, SHRM 2013 Annual Conference and Exposition

“Ms. Howe was our presenter yesterday at the Fairview Park Luncheon Meeting and she really ‘wowed’ the audience. She is a dynamic, informative and engaging presenter with a valuable message for everyone involved in project management and customer relations. We had the largest crowd (over 120) that we have ever had at a luncheon presentation, and Andrea’s upbeat presentation style kept the audience interested throughout. We received numerous compliments from the participants on the quality and benefits of the session.”—Mary Beth Howe, PMP, Noblis

“An outstanding speaker that really resonated with me. Along with two others were the best presentations I have been to at SHRM Atlanta and I am a multi-year attendee”—Participant, SHRM Atlanta 2013

As a workshop leader

“Best business-skills coach I have seen in 15 years with the private sector; among the best in any domain (military, business, athletic) over my 35 years’ experience. Knows the theory fully and effortlessly, flexibly puts it into practice, and teaches extremely effectively. Presents with enthusiasm, makes the subject fun, and handles questions and objections with aplomb and good humor. To take your trusted leadership to the next level, or make your people better, Andrea is the person to engage!”—Phil Hallenbeck, Lead Information Systems Engineer at MITRE Corporation

“It is always special to have the author as facilitator and Andrea is a
powerhouse of a presenter. This was time invested and well spent”—Participant, two-day Being a Trusted Advisor workshop, 2014

“How Andrea kept her energy level as high as she did throughout the two-day course I don’t know. None the less, this was probably one of the best courses that I’ve taken in my 19-year history with the company”Participant, 2014

Now that the Trusted Advisor training is over and I am back from the holidays, I wanted to thank you for all you did during our training. There is no other course I hear more about in this company than this one – now I know why. You make the class informative, relevant and fun. Your enthusiasm and insight into the trusted advisor role were critical to the class for me. I really appreciate the time and energy you invested in us”Participant, 2013

“I am pleased to report that the program and Andrea were a phenomenal success with our Business Development team! There were rave reviews for the program and in particular Andrea’s ability to relate the information in practical terms. She put everyone at ease right away. There were quite a few AHA moments from various people for in the room and this morning I asked the BDMs to share their action plans with their Senior Managers and everyone said that they were committed to putting things they learning yesterday into practice. For example, focusing more on the non-rational side of the relationship, being empathic listeners and incorporating more of the personal so they can maintain strong trust based relationships with their clients.”Margaret Miceli, B2B Trust

As a consultant

“This is the first time I have worked with a consultant who truly has our best interests in mind. Andrea is gutsy. And she is a genuine person who cares about her clients and more importantly, her client’s clients”Partner, global consulting firm

“I’m excited that we’ve teamed up with Andrea. She is a straight shooter, but delivers in a compassionate way. Great job with selecting her to partner with us!”Participant, Grizzard Communications

Andrea Howe
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