Immersion programs


Sometimes the only way to really get focused on something is to immerse yourself in it.

It’s not easy to step away from the day-to-day demands of client work. And usually that’s exactly what’s needed if you want to master the soft stuff.

Our immersion programs delve deeply into the mindsets and skill sets you need to take your client relationships to a whole new level. They include our signature Being a Trusted Advisor program and more.

“This was the best program we have ever had in the company. It was highly relevant to our business and every day client interactions. Everyone in the organization could benefit from this program regardless of tenure or role”–Participant, 2013

Engage wholeheartedly in new ways of thinking and being

An immersion program is a worthy investment when you want to:

  • Fundamentally challenge your myths and misperceptions about client relationship success
  • Engage wholeheartedly in new ways of thinking and being
  • Get crystal clear about what makes your client relationships successful so you can produce results more reliably
  • Get honest about your limitations and close critical skill gaps.

Our clients tell us our programs are “awesome”

Our immersion program leaders pour their hearts into these learning experiences and it shows—our clients consistently describe them as “world class,” “eye-opening,” “practical,” “relevant,” “meaningful,” “simply excellent,” “the best I’ve ever attended,” and (our favorite), “awesome.”

“This training was fantastic and very valuable–thank you! I’m actually sorry we don’t have a Day 3 to go to”–Participant

We pay special attention to immersion program design and delivery

While no two immersion programs are exactly alike, each and every learning experience is:

  1. Scalable. The immersion experience is very different for 12 people than it is for 200+. We’ve done both extremes (and everything in between) to rave reviews.
  2. Flexible. Our immersion programs provide anywhere from two to four full days of traditional classroom content delivered in person or virtually and staggered or sequentially.
  3. Tailored. We have a rich inventory of tried-and-true learning modules to choose from. We also know your requirements are unique. So we personalize the activities, assignments, stories, and color commentary to reflect your business and your priorities.
  4. Provocative. There is no trust without risk, and there is no learning about client relationship mastery without risk either. We engage in candid conversations, teach tough lessons, and put thought-provoking concepts into practice.

Read about our nine-point checklist for successful trustworthiness training.

Or find out more about our mastery programs.

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