Mastery programs

Consider a Mastery program when you want to build more client business and you’re clear that doubling down on extraordinary client relationships will make the difference.

“A program focused on building relationships with the fundamental building blocks is key to our senior leaders’ success. This is the best I’ve taken at the firm that helps me up my game in this area. Intense, focused, great foundation. Highly recommend and have been doing so.”—Partner, global professional services firm

Our Mastery programs help your chosen leaders develop measurable results in trust, influence, selling/business development, and relationship building.


Together, we focus on what it takes to develop exceptional relationships that unlock new and different results in both business development and project execution.

While every Mastery program is tailored to your organization, any Mastery program sponsor can expect significant shifts in four general areas:

  1. More new client opportunities
  2. Better existing client relationships
  3. More effective and consistent networking (both external and internal)
  4. Increased motivation and confidence.

We do this all while building—or reaffirming—your sales culture in the process.


While it can be challenging to sort out how best to measure the impact of a program like this, our 10+ year Mastery Program history tells us that (1) it can be done and (2) you should begin to see early returns before the program ends assuming attendees’ wholehearted commitment.

Immediate ROI. We’ve led Mastery programs for over a decade, and every single one has concluded with actual results to celebrate (thanks in part to our simple measurement and tracking tool).

Your own immediate returns will depend on which clients participants choose to focus on during the program, plus typical sales cycle times and top line revenues for your organization.

“We’ve run the Trust-Based Business Development Mastery Program for five years with eight cohorts with exceptional results. Andrea said it would happen and I really see it now: Our culture is changing. Graduates are consistently winning more work and leading their projects more effectively. We’ve witnessed significant improvement in their collaboration/cross-selling as well. And the ROI has been relatively quick. Our first cohort attributed over $2M US in booked work to their participation within one year. A recent cohort generated nearly $600k US in booked work plus over $1m US in potential new work before the program had even finished.”—Head of Talent Development, Global Environmental Consulting Firm

An unconventional approach. Here’s an important heads up: Program ROI is achieved not by efforts to, say, close more deals or lead conversations with more intellectually compelling value propositions. Instead, we collectively train our focus on relationship mindsets, skill sets, and a willingness to consistently take a variety of personal risks like:

  • Saying what others won’t or don’t
  • Dropping your agenda to focus on what really matters to the client
  • “Selling by doing” instead of selling by telling
  • Daring to make real and meaningful client connections.

In other words, we teach participants how to focus relentlessly on leading with trust-building behaviors, grounded in trust-based values, and then happily measure the financial gains that are nearly always a happy byproduct.

A guarantee, basically. We’re so clear about what’s possible from our work together that we offer what is in essence a money-back guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with your results from our programs, then you pay what you think our contribution was worth, including nothing.


Mastery program services infographicParticipants can expect:

  • A new paradigm for an age-old topic—selling—with a particular focus on the best ways to find the right business solutions that meet long-term client needs.
  • Accountability and support to work specific client opportunities and see results immediately unfold through on-the-job application.
  • A blend of workshops, executive coaching, peer coaching assignments, and results tracking, woven together into a cohort learning experience.
  • Sustained focus over three to six months.

To find out more about what a Mastery program roadmap looks like, or to talk with our clients about the ways they’ve benefited from Mastery, contact The Get Real Project’s founder, Andrea Howe.

Or you can learn more about our immersion programs.

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