Our team

At the risk of unabashedly bragging, we think our associates are extraordinary.

But don’t believe what we say about us. Let our clients tell you what stands out for them about the way we work.

“They’re not ‘trainers’.”

Our associates are people who have been there done that, first and foremost, then later learned how to teach what we know. Most of us grew up in the consulting industry, so we’ve lived the life of weekly travel and utilization targets and high stakes proposals and pulling all-nighters to get deliverables turned in. We combine this street cred with coaching and facilitation skills that many of us have honed over more than a decade.

“They walk the talk.”

We believe all the stuff we say about business professionals as role models for relationships done right and we practice being unconventional in our everyday interactions. For example, we’re not afraid to mess up in front of a group, and laugh about it when we do. In fact, clients tell us they learn as much by watching us handle curve balls—like losing our place in a presentation or not knowing how to answer a tough question—as they learn from the content we’re teaching. We believe we’re at our best when we bring this kind of authenticity and humanity to our own professional relationships. Besides, how could we urge you to do it and not do it ourselves?

“Their workshops get personal. In a really good way.”

We focus on what you might call “personal excellence”. We invite people to look hard at themselves—gifts, warts, and all—and find ways to bring conscious competence to their client relationships. We’ve also done a lot of our own introspection and bring that to the programs we lead.We have insight, compassion, and motivation when it comes to the personal mastery that’s required to get real and get real results.

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