Consult better

For people in consultative roles—internal or external—your biggest differentiator is not your experience, but your clients’ experience of you.

While many clients look for the right expertise first, their search for a consultant doesn’t stop there.

Your clients want you to be a package deal.

Your clients want you to be a package deal: informed, industry-savvy, personable, and most of all, trustworthy. Whether or not you’re up to that challenge is what determines whether you make a difference or miss out.

Technical mastery is not enough

Consider this feedback from business leaders who have spent millions of dollars on consultants:

“Extraordinary consultants have a complete skill set: technical background, discretion when needed, wonderful interpersonal skills, good communication skills, a drive for success, and an understanding of the big picture”—Paul D. Domich, R&D Director, US Federal Government
“Extraordinary consultants establish a relationship with me, they don’t just give me their expertise”—Ramesh Dighe, Senior Engineer
“It’s all about the people and people skills. I can’t say that enough.  The good ones are always keeping the communication lines open”—Senior Military Officer
“Extraordinary consulting is about trust and communication and respect”—James Van Wert, Senior Public Sector Manager
What Makes a Consultant Extraordinary? BossaNova Consulting Group Research Study, May 2006

Ask any senior consultant who’s had a lot of client contact and they’ll tell you the same thing: it’s the soft stuff that matters—traits like humility, adaptability, and perceptiveness. It’s also the soft stuff that’s the hard stuff.

Reap rewards by giving clients what they want

As a smart consultant who is smart about client relationships, you will:

  • Get your advice heard and taken
  • Make a bigger difference with more people
  • Develop new business with ease
  • Thrive, rather than just survive, in a demanding role
  • Win more work at better rates with clients you love

Raise your game

Mastering the soft stuff doesn’t just happen; it requires the same attention you have given your industry knowledge, technical expertise, and problem-solving skills.

Learn more about how we can help you raise your game.

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