When “no problem” is a problem

Andrea Howe
Category : Weekly tips January 13, 2020

This post is part of our Weekly Tips series.

 Hands Portrait child

A recent customer service experience reminded me why real empathy is so much more effective than rote empathy, and why we should all choose our words mindfully when we’re attempting it. The lessons in this case stretch far beyond the help desk to anyone in a services role.

A critical influence lesson inspired by my Mom

Andrea Howe
Category : Weekly tips January 6, 2020

This post is part of our Weekly Tips series.

Puppy Bone Dog

My mom turns 93 this week (go, Mom!) My interactions with her over the holidays reminded me of a critical lesson for those of us in the business of being influential. It’s what a mentor of mine once labeled, “Being committed, not attached.”

A Different Kind of Annual Report: Getting Real in 2019

Andrea Howe
Category : Real people January 2, 2020

What a year it’s been. To sum it up, our clients and colleagues really kicked a** in 2019. We heard countless stories of your professional and personal victories. To celebrate, we’ve created another year-in-review infographic—a different kind of annual report for a different kind of organization.

The 2019 Get Real Report features a sampling of our clients’ victories, like practicing a different kind of “business development.” It also highlights a few of the contributions our team is really proud of, plus some pretty cool personal victories for team members. (There’s a definite travel theme this year.)

Click the thumbnail to find out who did what … and get a sneak peek at what’s on the horizon for 2020.

Happy New Year!

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