Five Simple Steps to Create Trust in Conversation

Category : Webinar July 30, 2020

Tuesday, Sept 22nd, 2020
@11:00 AM EST

Trust doesn’t just happen – it gets created: at the individual level, between people, usually through conversations. The Trust Creation Process is a five-step model that describes how it works.

Noelle Mykolenko, COO of Trusted Advisor Associates, will lead an interactive discussion on how you can create trust in conversation. In this webinar, you will:

• Learn the five steps in the Trust Creation Process
• Identify 10 pitfalls that can derail the process, and what to do about them
• Discover three critical mindset shifts to help keep you on track

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A compelling way to reach new levels of relationship mastery

Category : Weekly-ish tips July 28, 2020

This post is part of our Weekly-ish Tips series.

only the blind spot mirror in focus

Note to readers: Given my commitment to be thoughtful and relevant with the current series of posts, my weekly Tuesday cadence has been disrupted. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Two tips ago was the first in this series that I’m writing specifically for corporate White people like me—a focus that reflects both my personal passion and my professional mission, as I’m seeing compelling connections between racial justice and the vast majority of nearly everything I’ve written on trusted advisorship. For one thing, if we want to have extraordinary work relationships, they must be conscious relationships. And for White professionals, I believe that means working on our own racial literacy.

Five trust lessons that I just found hidden in my internal churn

Category : Weekly-ish tips July 2, 2020

This post is part of our Weekly-ish Tips series.

river eddy

I have three draft Weekly Tips in various stages of completion, and I have a lot of internal churn about all of them. This is unusual for me. I normally try not to overthink it, crank out a draft tip in 90 minutes or so, print and proof, and hit the “go” button with my team.

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