A competitor’s unconventional offer that should be emulated more often

This post is part of our Monthly-ish Tips series.

A benefit of one competitors unconventional offer

I have a client who’s a senior leader in a large consulting firm and looking hard at whether or not it’s time to go elsewhere. This isn’t a trivial move as there are many years of investment to consider (mental, emotional, financial). He’s seriously exploring his options anyway. Not surprisingly, he’s being recruited by several other companies (all competitors with his current firm). One of them made an unconventional offer as part of the courtship that’s well worth sharing here—not to mention finding ways to emulate.

Are trust-building conversations different for women? In at least one case, absolutely.

This post is part of our Monthly-ish Tips series.

A more feminine style of speaking

We had a really interesting discussion in a team meeting the other day about a trust-building technique that we’ve been espousing for years (one that Charlie Green first wrote about in Trust-Based Selling in 2005 and has been a favorite of mine ever since he taught it to me). We talked about how that technique, when used by women, might unintentionally compromise their trust-building efforts in a big way. This week’s tip digs a little deeper into the issue and proposes a solution that actually applies to women as well as men.