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I’m not the only one who struggles to manage email. Recall the McKinsey study revealing that the average “interaction worker” spends 28% of work week managing email. (I’m not sure what an “interaction worker” is, but I’m pretty sure I am one.) This equates to nearly three hours per day, on average. Add meetings on top of that, along with the actual work we’re expected to get done, and we’ve got a reliability crisis on our hands.

I haven’t found the silver bullet for this challenge yet, but I have found some resources I wanted to share. A quick Google search for “how to manage the email madness” reveals quick help like:

Long-time readers know I’m a big fan of distinctive email auto-replies as a way to both manage expectations about your responsiveness and be in touch, in a way, even when you’re out of touch.

I think my all-time favorite expectation management approach, though, got delivered to my own inbox just last week. It was embedded in my client’s reply to an email I sent him. His signature line includes this paragraph, which appears BEFORE his actual signature, so it shows up right under the body of his message:

Like you, I could spend my entire life sending and responding to email. While I try to get through all them, I don’t want email to get in the way of making an impact on projects for my clients and <company name>. If time sensitive or if I just haven’t gotten back to you, send me a text or call me at 555.555.5555.

I really like this. It’s empathetic. Focused on his commitment to having an impact. And bold.

I sometimes use a wimpier version in my email signature block (it’s buried under all my contact info):

In an effort to maintain my sanity my regular email hours are weekdays 9a – 6p ET. If you need to reach me urgently outside those times, please call my mobile.

I can certainly be better with my own email management. I do think setting and managing expectations is a big part of dealing with the reliability challenge. We advocate a lot in our workshops for the value of a quick and simple “I’m on the case” reply (or a “Yikes, can’t get back to you until Friday” reply).

I also just plain long for the olden days of actual conversations, when things are really important.

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This week, look for small ways you might be a more reliable emailer. Or if you’re really good at it, share your wisdom with someone … though preferably not via email LOL.

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