Why Closing is Hazardous to your (Sales) Health

Why Closing is Hazardous to your (Sales) Health

May 21, 2019
@11am ET

You’ve heard the admonition “Always be closing” or “ABC”.  Here’s the unconventional wisdom: If you’re focused on closing then you are actually hurting your sales.

The simple truth is: closing is not buyer-centric–it’s seller-centric. And all of us as buyers know what it feels like to have another person try to force their will on us—and deny it’s happening even while they’re doing it.

In this TrustMatters webinar (live date: May 21, 2019 at 11am ET), we show you why closing is harmful and what you should be doing instead, including four best-practices to help you stop closing and start selling the trust-based way.

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Your trust scorecard: Are you using smart metrics or wise metrics?

This post is part of our Weekly Tips series.

I’m on a culture kick the last few weeks, as it’s been a hot topic of conversation with clients lately. This week’s tip focuses on the problem with using conventional measures to figure out whether organization-wide trust initiatives are working, and what to do about it.

In short, there’s a difference between smart metrics, and wise metrics.