Five ways deliverers can get comfortable with “selling”

This post is part of our Weekly Tips series.

It’s an age-old challenge in the consulting industry: how to help the deliverers—the ones who actually labor side-by-side with the client—to develop more business.

The biggest barrier is a mental barrier. I mean, let’s be honest, “selling” is usually perceived as a less-than-meritorious endeavor—whether we’re selling a product or service for a fee, or selling an idea. And delivery people usually falter because they’re just not sure how to approach opportunities in an un-smarmy way.

Is this slide lurking in your decks, too?

This post is part of our Weekly Tips series.

I made my way back up the aisle of an airplane last week and caught a glance of a laptop screen with an all-too-familiar display: a presentation slide with about 20 logos on it. Ah yes, the picture that’s worth 1000 words, meant to convey, “We work with organizations like yours, or organizations that should impress you, or both.” I assumed it was part of a pitch deck and immediately wondered how far into the deck this slide found itself.