Real Kudos: Who Doesn’t Love Before and After Shots?

Andrea Howe
Category : Real people June 9, 2014

With pride (and fanfare) we just announced the official launch of our new website.

Real kudos go to the team at Valuable Content who brought passion, talent, partnership, and just plain hard work to the effort.

Here are a few before and after shots to show off their handiwork.

Home Page

 Home Page - Before  Home Page

Why Get Real

 Why Get Real - "Before"  Why Get Real - "After"

The Get Real Manifesto

 The Get Real Manifesto - "Before"  The Get Real Manifesto - "After"

What We Do

 What We Do - "Before"  What We Do - "After"

The Get Real Team

 The Get Real Team - "Before"  The Get Real Team - "After"


Thank you, Iain Claridge, Lizzie Everard, Sonja JeffersonSharon Tanton, Toby Duckett, and Eli Trier. We make a great team!

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Andrea Howe

Andrea Howe

As the founder of The Get Real Project, I am the steward of our vision and our service offerings, as well as a workshop leader and keynote speaker. Above all else, I am an entrepreneur on a mission: to kick conventional business wisdom to the curb and transform how people work together as a result. I am also the co-author, with Charles H. Green, of The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook (Wiley, 2012).

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(2) comments

Hey Andrea – thanks so much for the shout out! We’ve come a long way as a team haven’t we.

So proud to have worked with you on this amazing project and so delighted with the result. The feedback the new site is getting this side of the pond from our contacts is fantastic. What I love most is that, having got to know you through the project, I know that the tone of the site totally reflects who you are as a person, as a consultant: totally unique, warm, helpful, inspiring and 100% real. That’s down to you.

Delighted to have worked with you. Good luck with The Get Real Project – we’ll be backing you all the way. And thanks again.

Warmest regards,


    Avatar Andrea Howe
    6 years ago · Reply

    Sonja, your lovely comment is a perfect reflection of who *you* are as a person, and of the way your team supports clients. Thank you!

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