Disruptive Improvisation

This month’s improv tip is written by Shawn Westfall, The Get Real Project’s improv guru.

If Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen’s concept of “Disruptive Innovation” taught us anything, it’s that the world as we know it won’t be the same tomorrow as it is today—nor will it be what we imagine. As Christensen points out, disruptive technologies, ideas, and business cultures have the potential to radically transform society as a whole, and often do.

Improv Tip: Our Invisible NameTags

This month’s improv tip is written by Shawn Westfall, the Get Real Project’s improv guru.

There’s a popular short-form improv game called “Here Comes Mr. So-And-So,” and here’s how it’s played: you ask the audience to suggest a bunch of personality quirks or annoying character traits or habits, and then assign them to the improvisational actors. The quirkier, more annoying, more challenging, or more outrageous the better. Some of my favorites from past shows I’ve either been in or hosted include:

Wanna Boost Teamwork? Improvise Your Own Symphony

This month’s Improv Tip is from Cary Paul, Chief Improv Officer.

Teamwork:  a critical component of business and often a cause of robust challenges. When things are off, a cacophony ensues. When the right balance is achieved, beautiful music is made. Read on to learn an easy and fun improv game with the potential to promote harmony on any work team.