Financial Advisorship: The Key to Restoring Lost Client Confidence

Andrea Howe
While trust is important to every professional relationship, in the troubled world of financial advice it’s never mattered more. It really doesn’t matter how well a portfolio performs, if your client doubts your sincerity or questions your true intentions the relationship is doomed.

In June I was asked by On Wall Street how to regain lost trust and why trust is such an important element for financial advisors. Talking with journalist Peggy Kendler, I gave my answers to a variety of thought-provoking questions, like:

  • What happens if a client’s trust in an advisor is shattered by an oversight or error, or it erodes over time?
  • Is it possible for a financial advisor to regain a client’s trust?
  • What steps should the financial advisor take to regain a client’s confidence?

Spoiler alert:

It is absolutely possible to regain lost trust, as long as you’re willing to take a personal risk in the process.

And a heads up:

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Andrea Howe

Andrea Howe

As the founder of The Get Real Project, I am the steward of our vision and our service offerings, as well as a workshop leader and keynote speaker. Above all else, I am an entrepreneur on a mission: to kick conventional business wisdom to the curb and transform how people work together as a result. I am also the co-author, with Charles H. Green, of The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook (Wiley, 2012).

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