This month’s improv tip is from Shawn Westfall, BossaNova’s Improv Guru:

Think about your favorite sitcom, sketch, or movie characters. What do they have in common? A comic perspective: a committed way of seeing the world that’s uniquely theirs. Norm on “Cheers” doesn’t just like beer: he views the world through the bottom of a beer glass. Ron Burgandy from “Anchorman” isn’t just an anchorman; rather, he wears his local-TV anchorman status as a kind of armor to get him through his day.

The things you are committed to say quite a lot about the kind of person you are; as well, your clients can sense when you aren’t committed to them, or not as fully engaged as you should be.

The next time you feel your commitment to a client, colleague, or task flagging, ask yourself why. Then, ask yourself what it might take to re-engage completely and openly with that client, colleague or job.

Your answer might surprise you, and also open up previously unforeseen opportunities for you, your colleagues and your clients to engage in unprecedented ways.

Originally published by BossaNova Consulting Group, Inc.
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Shawn Westfall

As The Get Real Project’s Improv Guru (a title that was bestowed upon me), I help bring the principles of improv comedy to life in a practical and inspiring way for our clients. I show people how being honest, truthful, vulnerable and authentic is not only necessary for successful improv comedy, but can understandably transform organizational cultures.

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