As Andrea’s right-hand person, I do what it takes to help her take care of her clients.

I’m a motivator and encourager at heart. I believe greatness resides in everyone and I am passionate about helping others rise to their potential. So I also help the Get Real team with whatever they need to provide the utmost client care. You pick the challenge—from scheduling to travel to technology—and I’m on the case.

You pick the challenge—from scheduling to travel to technology—and I’m on the case.

I have over 18 years of experience providing executive and administrative support in the public, corporate and non-profit sectors. I have worked alongside elected officials, executives, and business owners. In 2002, I left corporate America to help my husband build his construction business and to pursue my entrepreneurial dream. I wanted to spend more time with my children and control my own destiny. It was a risk, but I am grateful every day that I took it. In 2009, I launched a Virtual Assistant business mostly just to see if I could do it. Apparently, I could!

I have a B.S. in Organizational Leadership, which I recently completed (a personal triumph). I am also working toward an A.S. in Paralegal Studies. Next up: a Master’s degree in Human and Organizational Development.

When I’m not working, you can find me taking a kickboxing class, crocheting, practicing karaoke or spending the day outdoors with my husband. My home base is West Covina, CA, which is just east of Los Angeles.

My Get Real Services

I’m the executive assistant to The Get Real Project’s founder, and to other members of the team when they need me.

My Trust Temperament™

The Professor

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My Get Real Story

I was the kid who set up a Kool-Aid stand, sold plums from our backyard plum tree, and put on plays (with popcorn for sale, of course). I knew from early on that I wanted to have my own business.

As an adult I found my career path in city government providing administrative support, eventually landing a position working directly for the city council. I successfully lived up to being a “working mom” juggling both family and work responsibilities—or so it appeared. Secretly, I struggled with my desire to spend more time as a mom, being more present with my children instead being tired from work and commuting.

I had heard about virtual assisting and I thought it could be the perfect way to take my skills and experience and work on my own terms. But, I was comfortable and the timing wasn’t right. Besides, why rock the boat?

Then one day the boat was rocked.

I will never forget the day that I called my babysitter, as I typically did every day after school, to check in on my children. That’s when I learned that the babysitter forgot to pick them up from school. Fear and panic set in. It was an hour after school let out. Where were my children?! The 15-minute drive from my work to their school seemed to take an eternity, and I spent that eternity beating myself up for being a bad mom.

Thank God my daughter’s teacher saw both my children standing in front of the school waiting for their ride, and intervened to help. I will never forget the look of fear on their faces when I walked in to the classroom, and hearing the disappointment in my five-year-old son’s voice when he said “Mommy, you forgot about us.”

I was clear I never wanted to experience that again.

That tearful day I decided it was time to make changes . I started with a part-time job at a local school to match my children’s school hours. This cut my income by more than half. So be it. In the meantime, I continued to explore the idea of my own virtual assistant business.

As it just so happened, two years later, my husband started his own construction business. I stepped in to handle all of the administrative aspects, working from home. What do you know, I had become a virtual assistant without even trying! Then, in 2009, fueled by the confidence I had gained working from home, I officially launched my own VA practice.

It’s been over 17 years since the day my boat was rocked and I’m ever grateful. I’ve gotten to fulfill my entrepreneurial dreams in a way that has integrity for me and my family. To me, that’s what getting real—and being real—is all about.

Getting a Little More Personal

Words people often use to describe me

Smart, high-achiever, servant leader, fighter.

What inspires me

People who can rise above adversity with grace and resolve and come out stronger and wiser in the end.

What brings me joy

Knowing that God is in control; spending time with family and friends.

What anchors me

Cooking for my family and friends. It is my way of expressing my love and appreciation for them and fills me with a sense of gratitude.

What drives me nuts

Settling. Rudeness. Apathy.

My guilty pleasure

Sprinkles cupcakes.

A favorite quote

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” —Andre Gide

What I can’t do without

My faith.

My secret ambition

To be a published author.

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