I am “the IT guy” here at The Get Real Project. I provide technical support for the web site and the Trusted Advisor 24×7 video series, and I routinely step in to help with anything else IT-related.

I am a lover of people and all the crazy wonderful things we do, recognizing that technology is something that impacts every area of life, including the science of human interaction. I consider myself a champion of humanity and diversity; I love the blend of cultures and traditions that is slowly covering our planet and I want to support that in everything I do.

After attending technical school in Philadelphia for COBOL programming, I signed on with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children (the United States Marine Corps) over 30 years ago, thinking it was my only way into the world of data processing. Commonly referred to as a “data dink,” I moved into the PC world in the mid-eighties where I developed a love of hardware and databases. In between deployments to the far-east and a tour as a Marine Drill Instructor, I mastered several programming languages, and became adept at troubleshooting … and sometimes even knowing what to do.

I am a lover of people and all the crazy wonderful things we do, recognizing that technology is something that impacts every area of life, including the science of human interaction.

After leaving the service, I continued writing software for the Army Corps of Engineers, taking on leadership roles within development projects where I created PC applications, websites, and even once, a super computer application. I later moved to Houston to support NASA’s International Space Station and Space Shuttle missions. Then the opportunity to work on a new amphibious tractor for the Marine Corps called, and I officially joined the ranks of the “Beltway bandits,” which led to a series of interesting assignments.

In 2015 I got bitten by the freelancing bug while I was acquiring my A.S. in computer science, and here I am. I love learning at the collegiate level, and I intend to continue working for a bachelor’s degree before it wears off.

On a more personal note, I have been a volleyball fiend for over 28 years—it’s what keeps me young, I think. I love crushing that ball. My wife inspired me to create mosaic art several years ago, and although I’m slow, I create pieces for myself and also professionally at a local mosaics studio, including two large award-winning projects.

Who I’m Reading/Following

 My Get Real Services

I am the web master for The Get Real Project as well as the video support technician for Trusted Advisor 24×7: The Video Series.

My Trust Temperament™

The Connector

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Getting a Little More Personal

Words people often use to describe me

Warm, goofy, curious, encouraging, passionate.

What inspires me

Any underdog story in just about any form. And ice cream.

What brings me joy

Eating. Relaxing and laughing with family (extra credit if eating is involved). Crushing a sweet outside set near the 10-foot line . Creating something useful and/or beautiful, and even fixing something broken. Solving complex mathematical equations. Oh! Watching Serena Williams pounce on a tennis ball with grace, agility, power, and skill can bring me to tears. OK so there’s a whole lot of stuff that brings me joy. Have I mentioned food?

What anchors me

My wife, children and grandchildren. Gardening and home projects.

What drives me nuts

Bad drivers (rampant in the DC area). People who take their lives, their homes, their families, and this country for granted. Dishes in the sink.

My guilty pleasure

ANYTHING super yummy—especially sweets, watching a late night basketball game on TV, GoT, movies, playing ancient video games (I’m talking 80’s and 90’s).

A favorite quote

“That which does not kill us only serves to make us stronger”— Friedrich Nietzsche

What I can’t do without

Plants. I am an avid gardener and have a serious succulents dependency issue.

My secret ambition

To be a teacher, artist, business owner … or all three.

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