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In 2006, The Get Real Project’s Andrea Howe joined forces with Charles H. Green, co-author of The Trusted Advisor, author of Trust-Based Selling, and CEO of Trusted Advisor Associates.

Andrea became the first of a short list of people certified to deliver Trusted Advisor Associates’ signature workshops, Being a Trusted Advisor and Trust-Based Selling.

“Andrea Howe not only knows what it means to be a trusted advisor, she lives it and practices it. This makes her a superb teacher”– Charles H. Green, CEO, Trusted Advisor Associates

Charlie and Andrea sign 100+ copies of The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook

Charlie and Andrea on book-signing day, November 2011

Six years later, Andrea and Charlie wrote The Trusted Advisor Fieldbook (Wiley & Sons). The Fieldbook is a hands-on successor to Charlie’s books that provides the equivalent of a “best of” album, while answering pervasive everyday questions about trust and leadership.

Since joining forces, Andrea and members of the Get Real team have delivered hundreds of learning programs to thousands of people on the topic of trust-based relationships. They’ve given presentations to crowds of 600+ and led workshops for groups of 12, 200, and everywhere in between on Being a Trusted AdvisorTrust-Based Selling, and Trust-Based Consulting.

Clients include external consultants, internal consultants, financial advisors, bankers, engineers, scientists, and salespeople in various parts of the world, including the U.S. and Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Europe, Russia, and the Asia Pacific region.

These programs really are the cornerstone of our work, and our partnership is a close and special one.

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