What does it say about you when you work for more than a year to produce a new 29-lesson video series and your favorite part is the blooper reel?

Maybe it simply says you like to have fun and do good work.

That’s certainly the case for Andrea Howe and Charlie Green, co-authors and business partners who are excited to release this 29-lesson set. Trusted Advisor 24×7: The Video Series covers the essentials of what they’ve written and taught in the past 15 years on the subject of trust-based relationships.

Build trust-based relationships at your (organization’s) pace.

Small bites. On demand. Videos with self-study guides and leader guides. Because sometimes you have too few – or too many – people to go the workshop route.

See the entire curriculum, try out seven of the 29 videos, browse one self-study guide from beginning to end, and learn more about pricing.

Charlie and Andrea map out the self-paced learning design

Andrea and Charlie co-designing the video series in New York, NY | May 2014

Or contact us if you already know you want to talk about how to bring the essentials of Being a Trusted Advisor and Trust-Based Selling to your desktop(s).


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